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About EventMobi

Since 2010, EventMobi has revolutionized the way more than 3000 event organizers around the world leverage mobile technology. EventMobi Fusion 2.0 is much more than simply an event app providing registration, live-polling, surveys, private social networking, event games and much more all in one seamlessly integrated solution that supports the entire life cycle of events.  With a mobile-first technology strategy, EventMobi allows corporate and association event organizers to go paperless and engage their attendees like never before.  Simple and affordable, EventMobi makes it easy for every event to go mobile.

Why We Created EventMobi

Millions of meetings, conferences, and trade shows take place around the world every year. With that, comes show guides, handouts, maps and other disposable documents that often don't see their the way back to attendees' offices. In 2009, the founders of EventMobi set out to help events go paperless by taking advantage of the mobile revolution. 

Quickly gaining momentum, EventMobi grew to help marketing and event professionals around the world solve other challenges.

In 2010, EventMobi created the first event app Content Manager providing event planners with the tools and the control they needed to successfully implement mobile event app technology.

In 2011, EventMobi added a powerful integrated live-polling and event survey tool to enhance engagement and learning both for attendees and event organizers.

In 2011, EventMobi created GamifyApp, a highly customizable mobile event game platform that allows planners to create games around their event. Built on fundamental gaming principles, GamifyApp helps planners drive foot traffic to exhibitor booths and with check-ins, and helps attendees retain concepts by awarding points for answering quizzes. 

In 2012, EventMobi introduced the industry's first cross-platform offline-capable event app. This was the first time planners had the capability to create an event app that was accessible offline and could be accessed on any device attendees chose to bring to their meeting.

2013 has brought a number of exciting advancements including Private In-App Chat and Direct Notification™.  

Over the past 3 years, EventMobi has rapidly grown into an industry leader in mobile event technology having now supported over 3,000 clients in 15 languages in over 25 countries worldwide. Along with an international network of partners, the 30+ person EventMobi staff is located in 3 offices in Canada, the United States, and Germany. 

What is EventMobi Fusion 2.0

Official Live Announcement: October 15, 2013 at IMEX America 2013

EventMobi Fusion 2.0 is an online application that makes it easy for marketing and event professionals to create and customize their event technology. Now much more than simply an event app, everything from pre-event registration, mobile event app, live-polling, check-ins, mobile event games, and more are managed through the easy-to-use Content Manager. 

With an event app easily setup in minutes, attendees can access all the event information they need for the meeting. Whether an attendee is looking for directions to the hotel, seeing who else is attending the meeting, or checking out PowerPoint slides after a presentation, everyone has access to important details whenever they want wherever they are. 

The Magic Behind Fusion 2.0

EventMobi Fusion 2.0 is built on HTML5 technology which means the app works across all smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers, and continues to function without an internet connection. Events are meant to be inclusive and involve everyone at the event so EventMobi chooses to go with an open easy-access technology instead of device-specific native technology. This way, marketers and event professionals can be sure they're reaching as many people as possible - a fundamental requirement of their duty. We're just trying to help them do the best job they can!


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Feature Video: Direct Notification™

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Bob Vaez, President & CEO

While Bob was formally trained, and spent nearly 12 years as a computer hardware engineer, he is an enthusiastic event professional. Prior to EventMobi, Bob was a Sr. Product Engineer at Nvidia in California working on the PS3 and mobile device chipsets. Further, with 4 other previous startups under his belt in the past 10 years, he constantly challenges the status quo to bring new ideas into reality. Combining his engineering background with a partial MBA from the Santa Clara University, Bob is a visionary, yet pragmatic leader when it comes to execution. Connect with Bob on Linkedin and follow him Twitter at @bobvaez

Bijan Vaez, CTO

Bijan has spent the last 7 years designing, architecting, developing, and deploying large scale cross-platform mobile and web applications. Previous to EventMobi, Bijan built an award-winning iOS app (Cataract Self Diagnosis through the iPhone), was part of the discrete graphics team at Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and cofounded a real-time RFID asset tracking consultancy. Bijan holds a BASc in Computer Engineering from the University of Toronto and can be found at @bijanv.