Create an Event Community to Increase Attendee Loyalty & Engagement

Create an Event Community to Increase Attendee Loyalty & Engagement

There’s nothing like the buzz of an event to make attendees feel excited and engaged. But where do you start, and how to you keep the buzz going? The most successful brands understand that creating event communities yield the greatest results.

And more than any other marketing channel, face to-face event experiences solidify and sustain these communities, ultimately leading to greater attendee loyalty.

In this eBook you'll learn:

🤝 Best practices on how to create and continue building an event community year-round

🌟 Creative ideas on how to use event app technology to build your event community and increase attendee networking

✊ How to increase attendee engagement before, during, and after your event

🎨 How to create stronger event brand awareness to increase attendee registration

💻 How to measure and quantify attendee engagement using tools such as event app technology and social media

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