Finding it harder than ever to get your audience excited about your events and motivate them to commit? 

Attendee behaviors have changed. Boundaries are firmer, expectations are higher, and there are new rules for event engagement that event organizers must adapt to.

It’s no longer enough to tell your audience about your event, you need to earn their attendance, attention, and participation onsite.

To compete for registrations–and persuade attendees to take more than a day or two away from work–you need to offer more value than ever before by creating networking and educational experiences that can’t be replicated from the comfort of their home or office.

In this 1-hour on-demand Events Masterclass, you'll hear from 3 incredible planners who have bravely adapted their tried-and-true programs and session formats to get (and keep!) their audiences excited and engaged.

You'll learn how to:

🔥 Fuel anticipation (and early registrations!) with pre-event promos that makes your speakers and sessions sizzle

🌟 Develop a value-packed event program and amplify the impact of your onsite experiences

🤝 Create networking experiences and moments that resonate with a younger audience

📈 Build upon your success, instead of starting from scratch for every new event

😎 Plus, we’ll share some incredible event tech hacks so you can do more with the tools you already use

Enjoy the show!

Watch On-Demand

Meet the Speakers


Karen Hill
Director, Meetings and Events & Engagement, Barcami Lane, Inc.

Karen Hill, MBA, DES, has 19 years of experience in meeting and event management and customer service management. She began her career at a management consulting firm and handled various aspects of meeting planning for over 100 meetings a year, ranging from 10-200+ people in the design/build industry.

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Alina Fuchs

Kelly Legris
Owner, KEL Consulting Services and Events Services Consultant

Kelly Legris is President of KEL Consulting and a seasoned executive who has managed conferences and events from Nova Scotia to BC that range in size from 50 to over 3,500 attendees.

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Amenah R-1

Amenah Rizwan
Founder & Operations Director, Picnics Toronto

With a knack for detail and a passion for crafting impactful events, Amenah has reshaped the landscape with her recession-proof business model in the hospitality industry. Having seamlessly integrated traditional and digital marketing, influencer collaborations, and stellar client reviews, Amenah stands out as a trailblazer in event organization for Gen Z, setting new standards for excellence.

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Thorben Grosser
VP of Strategic Partnerships & Channel, EventMobi

Thorben is a seasoned event planner and marketer with over a decade of experience, including 8 years spent as EventMobi's Europe GM. He now oversees the relationship between customers and products, as well as leading go-to-market strategy.

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