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Deliver Flawless In-Person Events

Badge Designer Event Check-In Lead Capture

Discover how EventMobi's Onsite Apps and features streamline how you plan and deliver your in-person events.

  • Create fully customized badges for different groups in seconds
  • Easily track event and session attendance using any mobile device
  • Ensure event exhibitors can easily capture, score, and follow up with leads
  • Offers sponsors valuable onsite brand exposure opportunities with Live Display

Design Your Attendee Journey

Event Marketing & Registration Page Designer

Learn how easy it is to create immersive
attendee experiences.

  • Build beautiful event marketing websites with integrated registration
  • Personalize and design beautiful home screens
  • Create unlimited, fully customized pages with the Page Designer

Build and Manage 
Your Events

The Experience Manager

See how to build and manage your events with ease using a single system.

  • Manage your entire event, from badge design through to post-event reporting
  • Open API makes it easy to integrate with your existing tech stack
  • Quickly and easily turn features on or off in your Event Space

Stream, Host & Share High-Quality
Video Content

EventMobi Studio Video Libraries Live Stream Production

Find out how to create the best viewing experience using built-in tools or with help from our team of pros.

  • Create branded, professional live streams in seconds
  • Enjoy a hands-off experience with our team of pros
  • Upload and host your video content with a single click
  • Offer a channel-style experience with Video Libraries

Turn Your Attendees Into Active Participants

Session Chat Polls and Q&A Gamification

Learn how to leverage EventMobi’s complete suite of networking and engagement features.

  • Engage attendees with Session Chat, Q&A and Live Polls
  • Empower attendees to meet 1:1 or in groups, in-person or online
  • Drive engagement with sponsors using gamification challenges

Generate Revenue With Your Events

Sponsorship Lead Retrieval Analytics & Reporting

See how to delight event sponsors and spend less time on reporting.

  • Display banner ads
  • Create detailed company profiles
  • Capture attendee info with Lead Retrieval
  • Generate insightful analytics reports

Turn Your Event Space Into a Learning, Meeting & Content hub

Year-Round Event Community

Learn how to nurture an event community and keep your audience engaged year-round.
  • Help attendees network with 1:1 Video Meetings or in Interactive Breakouts
  • Easily manage recurring events
  • Curate personalized on-demand content libraries

Measure Your Event Success With Powerful Analytics

Engagement Analytics Reporting

Understand how to analyze your event’s success using a single dashboard.

  • Track event and session attendance
  • Measure attendee interest, attention and action
  • Report on engagement with sponsored ads and content