Event Tech Insiders:

Why Having an Event Video Strategy Matters

Instead of letting your event videos collect dust on your hard drive, leverage them and your organization's other videos to increase engagement and create a well of content that can be reused all year long.

Gather your colleagues and learn how to take advantage of your video content.

Plus, for the first time ever, we'll give you an exclusive look at our product roadmap to see the new features we're working on for the fall event season.

Image: Two hands hold a phone screen that displays a Video Libray titled “Learning Hub” and 3 air travel related videos.



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We'll show you  what a great video strategy can do for all of your events - not just the virtual ones.



You'll leave with:

Image: An illustrated icon of a red video play button and purple horizontal scroll bar on a circular green background.

A better understanding of how you can input videos into your pre, during, and post-event communications

Image: An illustrated icon of a checklist with orange boxes and purple writing on a bright orange circular background.

A list of ways you can use your video content to give it year-round exposure - even outside of your events strategy

Image: An illustrated icon that is half a yellow lightbulb and half a pink brain on a circular purple background.

An idea of how the fall event season will be shaped by event tech with a look into our product roadmap

Session Speakers

Image: Bob Vaez, the CEO of EventMobi

Bob Vaez is an engineer, and the founder & CEO of EventMobi. A pioneer in building one of the first mobile event apps and live engagement platforms in 2010, Bob has overseen the growth of EventMobi to over 100 employees across Canada, Germany and Philippines with 25000+ customers. EventMobi’s open platform offers one of the most comprehensive set of features and services for an all-in-one event management platform  for in-person, virtual and hybrid events.

Image: Thorben Grosser, the Vice President of Product Maketing and Events at EventMobi

Thorben is a seasoned event planner and marketer with more than a decade of experience and 8 years spent as EventMobi Europe's GM. He now oversees the relationship between customers and products, market positioning as well as EventMobi’s portfolio of marketing events. Thorben is passionate about education and when he is not busy helping planners fix their event technology problems, lectures at Victoria University of Applied Sciences in Berlin.