How to Get Approval for Your Event App

Learn How to Easily Create a Compelling Pitch and Get Everyone in Your Organization Onboard!

How this eBook will help you:
Are you trying to get budget for an event app but could use some guidance on how to create the most convincing case?

To help you be successful, we’ve designed a brand new guide for you to use as a resource. It contains practical tips so you can build a compelling presentation to get the buy-in you need from your executive team or board.

You’ll learn:
🌟 The benefits of investing in an event app to achieve your goals

📑 How to address the needs and interests of each stakeholder in your pitch

💡12 tips on how to present effectively and as confidently as possible

🗒️ Common objections stakeholders have when evaluating new event tech

📞 How to answer frequently asked questions to support your business case

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