How to Pitch a Mobile Association App to Your Board (and Kill it!)

Identify event tech adoption barriers to get easier buy-in


As your association's go-to person for planning events, you know the benefits to enhancing your events with event technology. Increased attendee engagement, event revenue, and overall brand awareness are just a few powerful examples.

To help you get the buy-in you need to make your event a success, we've created a guide (and customizable template) that you can use to build a business case.

In this guide you'll learn:

  • How to create a pitch that's benefits-focused and persuasive
  • How to identify all the costs involved when adding an event app to your event strategy
  • How to address common barriers-to-adoption so you get the buy-in you need to move your event forward
  • Timelines for event app development to give your board members an idea of next steps after getting approval
  • Presentation and speaking tips to make sure you drive home the key messages to your audience