Hybrid Checklist

Your Complete Hybrid Checklist Is Here

While the ‘when’ and ‘where’ of hybrid may be out of our control, planners are arming themselves with the information they need to hit the ground running.

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Your Path to Hybrid Success

From budgeting and planning steps to setting up your virtual platform and creating hygiene guidelines for on-site – this Complete Hybrid Checklist Template makes sure you won't miss a thing when planning for your next hybrid event.

Here’s what the checklist includes:

  1. Budget & Targets
  2. Planning & Project Management
  3. Marketing & Social Media
  4. Agenda & Event Flow
  5. Registration & Data Flow
  6. Attendees
  7. Speakers & Moderation
  8. Networking & Engagement
  9. Sponsors & Exhibitors
  10. Setting up your Virtual & Mobile Event Platform
  11. Travel & Logistics
  12. On-Site Setup
  13. Risk Management & Hygiene Concept
  14. AV & Virtual Event Production
  15. Post-Event