Webinar On-Demand

Event Gamification: Maximize Attendee Motivation, Learning & Networking


Length: 1hr


Gamification is a hot topic for event planners these days, especially with the ever increasing adoption of event apps and other forms of event technology. Done right, gamification has the ability to increase attendee engagement and improve organizational performance. From facilitating better communication between employees to breaking down silos and enabling an environment for innovation and motivation. Gamification can have an incredible impact on the outcomes of your events and meetings.

You'll learn:

  • Why games are so motivating, to the point where they can almost become addictive
  • How games can break down silos, drive engagement and build trust
  • The most common mistakes when creating a business game, and how to avoid them
  • Examples of successful business games used at events
  • Game ideas for your next event to help you achieve your event goals