Webinar On-Demand

Onsite Event Networking in the Digital Age


In IAEE and PCMA's “The Decision to Attend Study”, 84% of attendees state that networking is one of the top drivers for event attendance, especially Millennials. So, this means making networking activities an integral part of your event experience is key to attendee satisfaction.

In this webinar on-demand, we host a panel discussion where EventMobi marketing, product, and customer success folks, and EventMobi client GetWellNetwork discuss:

  • Popular event app networking tools event planners can use to make attendee networking easier
  • How networking games can boost attendee interaction in a fun way
  • A case study from GetWellNetwork on how they used event gamification to create a stronger event community
  • Easy ways to increase face-to-face meetings onsite during your event to increase value for your sponsors